December 7, 2023
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Why Do My Feet Stink Suddenly, 4 Easy Ways To Reduce Smell


Feet stink is a common problem for anybody’s health. This article will present you the ways to get rid of stinky feet. Smelly feet often makes people uncomfortable, but it can be reduced with natural and medical treatment. You should consult a professional healthcare provider if you experience extreme stinky feet. In this post, these two methods will discuss how to remove foot smell.

What is Feet Stink?

The word stink mean unpleasant smell. Feet stink, also known as bromodosis. It develops due to the deposition of sweat in your feet area, which may lead to the growth of bacteria on the skin. You can treat stinky feet by yourself, but you may need to take action for its treatment. Bromodosis does not take a long time for treatment and can recover quickly.

Reasons for Stinky Feet

The feet stink because of large amounts of sweat. Your feet contain several thousand sweat glands and develop more sweat than other body parts. You may have feet smell due to sweat traps when you wear off your shoes. Sweating is the natural process caused by these glands to reduce the body’s temperature and maintain moisture in your skin.

Bacteria also result in stinky feet because several types of bacteria are present under your feet. Your feet glands help to produce constant sweat in your feet, which is the living source of bacteria. The bacteria produce an acid while feeding your sweat and cause a bad smell.


It may also occur due to fungus, a skin infection. The warm and moist skin is suitable for fungus to grow and spread. The environment develops for fungus when you have feet and sweat within your shoes and socks.

Every person releases sweat from their feet, but it does not depend on the body’s temperature. About 10% to 15% of people have stinky feet than average. Pregnant women and teenagers may experience more smelly feet than others because their bodies develop hormones. It leads to a large sweat.



People may also feel more stinky feet if they:

  • Spend maximum time on their feet at the office or work
  • Have high stress and anxiety
  • Experience a medical problem that may lead to more sweat on their feet.
  • Have no proper hygiene like often avoiding feet washing
  • Wear very tight or loose shoes
  • Are involved in sports activities.
  • Avoid changing shoes after a specific time, besides using the same shoes and socks daily.

How To Get Rid of Stinky feet?

Feet stink can easily be treated at home. Following are the steps that will help you to eliminate feet smell:

1. Maintain proper hygiene for your feet

Wash your feet with soap and scrub brush daily with warm water if you experience a stinky feet problem. You can perform this while taking a morning or evening shower. You should take care of your toes and dry them because wetness can grow bacteria easily.

You also have to cut and clean your toenails. Hard skin turns soft when it comes in contact with water and develops a place for bacteria to live. You can remove any dead or hard skin from your feet. In this way, bacteria do not have spaces or positions left to grow on your feet.

2. Daily soaking of feet:

You can soak your feet if you are dealing with a stinky foot. In this way, you can do deep cleaning of your feet. You can use half a cup of epsom salt in water for soaking. You can soak your feet for at least 20 minutes a week. Epsom salt helps to eliminate moisture from your skin and remove the deposition of bacteria from your feet.

You can use white or apple cider vinegar with two parts of warm water instead of Epsom salt. Vinegar is another ingredient that helps to get rid of bacteria from your feet. In the case of sores, you need to avoid soaking your feet with the consultation of your doctor.



3. Make dry your feet

Most bacteria live in moist skin or areas. Following are some points you can apply to dry your skin:

  • Set a daily habit of dying your feet to reduce the stink.
  • Get fresh air on your feet by wearing off shoes and socks at home.
  • Take another pair of socks if socks release sweat more often during the day, so you can change the socks whenever you experience a smell.
  • Using sandals can also eliminate sweat from your feet.

Talcum powder may also be used to dry or reduce sweat from your feet. You may also apply antiperspirant under your feet if you feel extreme sweat.

4. Check your shoes and socks

You can change your shoes and socks at least once a day. Hot environments, exercise, and other conditions develop stinky feet and may urge you to change more socks. You can use soft and thick socks that may absorb the moisture instead of containing it on your feet.

You can avoid using the same shoes for two days in a series to release air from them. Feet stink may also be removed if you use a disinfectant spray on your shoe to get air in, which helps remove and kill all bacteria in your shoes.

Medical treatment for Feet Stink

If you have trouble removing the stink, there are some medical treatments to get rid of smelly feet. You can make an online appointment with a consultant before treatment. Following are the two medical treatments to reduce smelly feet:

Botox: A procedure that helps to decrease sweating from the foot area. A botulinum toxin is a substance used through injections in your feet. You may feel some pain during the procedure. The botox test results last for about three to four months.

Iontophoresis: Sweating from the feet removes using a mild electric current provided to the skin through the water.


Do Feet Stink lead to medical illness?

An unpleasant foot stink has a low chance of indicating any medical illness. Many people consider that foot smell connected to diabetes, but stinky feet do not show diabetes. If you have diabetes, you require special care for your feet because diabetes may result in peripheral neuropathy and other artery diseases that cause foot damage. Foot stink may also develop due to a wound or ulcer.

The severe foot stink may also occur due to hyperhidrosis. If people have symptoms of hyperhidrosis, this condition leads to heavy sweating. Heavy sweating (resulting from hyperhidrosis) does not mean the hot environment, exercise, or stress and anxiety. Hyperhidrosis often affects the hands, feet, underarms, or faces at least once a week. Heavy sweating generally develops throughout the body.


Feet stink can become more annoyable to you if you avoid doing treatment to reduce it. You can treat stinky feet with the procedure mentioned above. The best way to reduce foot smell is to take care of your hygienic activities. Home treatments will give more benefits. You can talk online with a doctor to get recommended medical treatment.

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