December 7, 2023
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How to Make MRI Shoulder Cost in 2023 More Affordable

How to Make MRI Shoulder Cost in 2023 More Affordable

This article contains information about an MRI Shoulder Cost With Insurance in 2023. You will discover when you need an MRI Shoulder Scan. Your radiologist will understand the result of an MRI shoulder scan and recommend you follow the treatment procedure. You can get an MRI scan at a low price if you receive insurance from your company. Read the article throughout.

What is an MRI?

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine acts as a medical imaging technique to capture detailed images of different organs and structures in your body. An MRI uses a magnetic field generated from a tube-shaped magnet and radio waves produced by a computer to form pictures.

An MRI also helps to develop 3D images to monitor organs from different angles. An MRI scan is often recommended for medical imaging because of the low ionization potential compared to X-rays.

Why do I need an MRI Shoulder Scan?

Your healthcare provider may ask for an MRI scan of different body parts, depending on your condition. You may need an MRI to observe the comprehensive pictures of the portion connected with the shoulder joint, bones, and tissues. The soft tissues include tendons, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves.

 How to Make MRI Shoulder Cost in 2023 More Affordable


Shoulder MRI may help to identify and diagnose the following conditions:

  • Shoulder Inflammation (Arthritis) or pain
  • Frozen shoulder.
  • Mechanical problems such as locking or crepitus
  • Fractures and gap between the shoulder joint (dislocations)
  • Increased shoulder instability: Pain goes from mild to the chronic stage
  • Osteonecrosis (loss of blood supply)
  • Swelling or increase in the shoulder size
  • Neoplasm
  • Infection in the bone, joint, or soft tissue
  • Fixed range of movement
  • Neurological disorders like compression and peripheral neuritis
  • Repeated or new symptoms of shoulder pain in patients that require shoulder surgery.
  • Osteochondral

What happens during the Shoulder MRI Scan?

You may need to take a contrast (a dye material) before the shoulder MRI scan for a detailed examination. You may take a contrast material through your mouth or injection into your arm vein. The steps of the procedure of an MRI scan include:

  • You will keep your back flat on the scanner bed.
  • A slider moves you into the scanner, similar to a tunnel shape.
  • A provider will give you headphones to reduce the noise of a scanner.
  • You may provide medication if you feel nervous or anxious in closed spaces.
  • Hold your movement during the scan so that correct and accurate images will form on the monitor.
  • The final procedure takes at least 45 minutes.


How to Make MRI Shoulder Cost in 2023 More Affordable

The overall scan procedure is painless and harmless. If you have a condition of claustrophobia, you may need to bring another person who will drive and take you home.

How do I need to prepare for the MRI Scan?

You may need to fast for at least certain hours before your MRI scan If your provider asks for an MRI of the shoulder with contrast. You can follow the below guidelines before the scan.

  • Wear loose cloth when going to the laboratory. You will need to wear a specific gown provided by the facility.
  • You can eat or drink if you do not require contrast.
  • Do not stop taking medications if you use them.
  • Remove all kinds of jewelry, hairpins, dentures, watches, bras containing wire, hearing aid instruments, etc. These will increase the magnet power, which may affect you and the scanner.
  • Come at least 30 minutes earlier before your scan time to read the guidelines and understand the procedure.

What things may I need to tell the provider before the MRI Shoulder Scan?

If you are going for a shoulder MRI scan, you should inform your radiologist about the following:

  • Medication you use
  • If you have had an allergy to contrast material.
  • If you are experiencing kidney disease. The contrast will harm your kidneys more if you take it.
  • If you are pregnant or in the first trimester of your pregnancy. MRIs can increase the body’s temperature.
  • If you are a person having metal implant devices
  • If you are wearing any medicine patches.

Results of the Shoulder MRI Scan

The scan results will be available within one or two days. The negative results indicate that you do not have a shoulder problem or any damage to your tissues.

Abnormal scan results may show the following conditions:

MRI Shoulder Cost With Insurance

The MRI cost may vary on the location, facility, and insurance status. Big cities like Chicago, Texas, or New York offer bearable rates because of competition. The cost will reduce if you have insurance from your company. An MRI shoulder cost for a fully insured patient at the hospital is between $450 to $900. If you are a cash-paying person at an imaging center, the price ranges from $250 to $500.


How to Make MRI Shoulder Cost in 2023 More Affordable

Without insurance, the cost lies between $3000 to $6000 per MRI at the hospital. If you have high-deductible insurance and conduct a scan at an imaging center, the cost lies between $1200 and $2000.

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What Factors Affect the MRI Shoulder Cost?

Factors may change the cost, including

  • Facility – The MRI cost is high at large hospitals that provide high facilities, which increases your expenses.
  • Location – If you live in a low expensive city, such as a rural area, you may have to pay less compared to expensive cities.
  • Insurance Card – Your insurance generally covers MRIs as diagnostic tests. You can discuss with your company if they include MRI on their insurance card or status.


You should take an MRI scan with your doctor if you see any shoulder pain or inflammation. The MRI shoulder cost for fully insured persons at the hospital and imaging centers is $450 to $900 and $250 to $500, respectively. Request an MRI scan here for a low price.

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