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Full Blood Panel Test – 7 Important Blood tests with cost


This article will give complete guidance about the overview and cost of a full blood panel test. Routine blood testing helps to monitor your physical health conditions. Regular and timely blood tests are the way to observe the changes in your body with time and encourage you to take care of your health. The blood sample is examined in the laboratory to determine various infections, genetic disorders, and diseases in your body organs.

You will learn about what tests are included in the Full blood panel and their prices. This post will also inform you about the cost of full blood panel test without insurance. Read the article throughout..

What does a Full Blood Panel test do?

A Full blood panel test consists of many blood tests that help to diagnose and detect different medical conditions in your body. These tests also screen for various diseases of organs, such as the liver, kidney, or thyroid. Your healthcare provider may collect information from this test to give remarks about your health conditions.

Full Blood Panel Test Cost

Your doctor may also use blood tests to identify various diseases and medical problems, including:

  •  Cancer
  •  Anemia
  •  Coronary heart disease
  •  HIV
  •  Kidney infection or disease
  •  Diabetes
  •  Liver diseases
  •  Mal absorption
  •  Heart disease
  •  Sexually transmitted diseases
  •  Hormonal disorder

This test may also tell the risk of developing the condition if someone does not experience heart disease. Some blood tests help to show how well the treatment is going if you are using medicines for a particular disease or to know if blood clots properly.

What tests are included in a Full Blood Panel?

The list of blood tests may slightly vary as a Full Blood Panel test may include the following:

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

A complete blood count (CBC) is used to observe ten different components of the essential cells in your blood. These cells include red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. See here the recommended range of CBC test results. The test results may vary slightly among different laboratories.

Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)

A basic metabolic panel test (BMP) often measures eight different substances in your blood, including:

Your doctor may recommend you fast for at least 7-8 hours before this test if you need additional blood tests, which also depends on the specific instructions provided to you.

Full Blood Panel Test Cost

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

A comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) includes BMP besides measurements of protein and other substances that are linked with liver functions, including:

Thyroid Panel

A thyroid panel (thyroid function) test helps to determine your thyroid working conditions. Your thyroid produces thyroid hormones for various body functions, such as metabolism, mood, weight, and others. These hormones include:

Prothrombin Time

A prothrombin test helps to note the time of blood clotting through a blood sample. This test is also known as a coagulation panel.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs)

A blood sample can diagnose sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The tests are often conducted with urine samples of swabs of the infected site to discover the disease.

Here are some STIs that may diagnose using blood tests:

  •     Gonorrhea
  •     HIV
  •     Syphilis
  •     Chlamydia
  •     Herpes

C – reactive protein

C-reactive protein (CRP) is a protein developed by your liver. This test shows tissue inflammation in your body.

How long do full blood panel test results take?

The test results may be ready within 24 to 72 hours and may vary on the tests included in a full blood panel. You can discuss the result time with a professional healthcare provider before the test because some tests may require fasting for at least 7 to 8 hours to receive accurate results.

The list of tests that may take a long time for their results include:

  •     Complete blood count (CBC): 24 hours
  •     Comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP): 24 to 72 hours
  •     Lipid Panel: 24 hours
  •     Basic metabolic panel (BMP): 24 hours

If your provider asks for additional blood tests, some delay may occur till all tests are finished.

How do I prepare for a full blood panel test?

The simple steps for this test are as follows:

  •     Your provider will ask you to stay relaxed and calm before the test.
  •     Take a seat in front of your provider and remove your cloth from one of the arms.
  •     A small needle will inject into the vein in your arm.
  •     Your blood sample will collect in a test tube
  •     A little discomfort or pain may happen during the test or at the time of injection of the needle.
  •     Regular activities may resume after the test.

Full Blood Panel Test Cost

What is the Full Blood Panel test cost without insurance?

Without insurance, blood tests cost more compared to other tests. These actual prices range from $108 to $1,139. The cost may go to several thousand dollars if you need additional tests.

Two tests-CMP and CBC, are often included in all Full blood panel. From now on, we will discuss the pricing of these tests.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test Cost

A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to analyze the health of a body. The Complete Blood Count (CBC) cost may vary from 28$ to 39$ in different labs across the US. Without insurance, the price may go in between 140$ and 622$.

Full Blood Panel Test Cost

CMP Blood Test Cost

A comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) helps assess the metabolism and chemicals in the body. It is a significant test for screening and diagnosing many diseases, such as kidney, liver, diabetes, or high blood pressure. The total cost of a CMP Blood test is between 20$ and 29$ in different labs. Without insurance, the cost of CMP is $26 to $134.

The sum of the cost of CMP and CBC is between 50$ and 70$. The price of a Full blood panel test may also vary depending on the health plan, location in the US, and lab facility. You can take this test once a year to see your health conditions.


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