November 29, 2023
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Easy To Know Knee MRI Cost In 2023, Symptoms Of Knee Pain


This article will help you to guide about the way to know Knee MRI Cost in 2023. According to the report, about 6.6 million US people went to the hospital for knee injuries. A knee MRI scan is the best way to monitor and diagnose severe knee pain. You feel difficulty in movements and straighten your knee due to various problems. The cost of knee MRI depends on the facility, location, insurance status, and other factors. Some cities may have a higher cost than others. You will also learn when you need the Knee MRI. Read the complete article if you are searching for the updated cost of Knee MRI in 2023.

What is an MRI?

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine helps to see internal organs and structures of the body. An MRI scanner is a magnetic tube similar to a hollow shape that generates magnetic fields. The magnetic field and radio waves help develop pictures of an organ or body parts. A radiologist often recommends an MRI scan compared to X-rays due to low risks.

The Procedure of an MRI Knee Scan

The knee MRI may perform with contrast or without contrast material, depending on your provider’s recommendation. Contrast is a dye material that helps to see detailed images of the organ.

Easy To Know Knee MRI Cost In 2023, Symptoms Of Knee Pain

Following are the steps of the procedure of an MRI Knee Scan:

  • Your provider will ask you to lay your back on the bed of the MRI scanner.
  • You will move into the scanner (similar to a tunnel shape) through the slider
  • A provider will give you headphones so that the scanner noise cannot be hearable.
  • Some medication will provide to you if you experience stress or anxiety.
  • In order to get accurate images of your knee, you should keep still during the exam.
  • The whole procedure finishes within 45 minutes.

How do I need to prepare for the Knee MRI?

Following are the instructions you need to follow before the exam:

  • Avoid heavy clothes. Before visiting the laboratory, you can wear loose clothing. A radiologist will provide a gown needed to wear before the exam.
  • You should wear off all your jewelry, electronic devices, bras containing wire, hearing aid instruments, hairpins, dentures, etc. These have the tendency to strengthen the magnet, which may cause problems with the scanner.
  • Fasting is not needed when you do not take contrast.
  • Inform your radiologist if you use medicines that may affect your test result.
  • Arrive at the laboratory at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time. You may need to fill out some forms prior to the exam.

You can confirm from the provider what type of MRI you need: either contrast or without contrast. You may need to fast for at least several hours before the exam for an MRI Knee with contrast material. You have to take the contrast material through the mouth or injection.

Things to consider before the Knee MRI

Inform your provider about the following conditions before conducting an MRI of the Knee:

  • If you are using medications
  • Tell your provider if you have a kidney problem. You also need to avoid contrast material that may cause harmful effects on your kidneys.
  • Having an allergy to contrast material
  • Use of any medical patches.
  • Pregnant or in the phase trimester (a period of the first three months) during your pregnancy.
  • Mental devices in the body.

When do I need the Knee MRI Scan?

You may need an MRI Scan of the knee if you have a high risk that restricts your knee movements. Your provider may advise an MRI scan if you have a condition like a regular sprain that does not recover within the recommended time frame.

Your healthcare provider may recommend a knee MRI if you are experiencing symptoms of knee pain.

Symptoms of Knee Pain

Easy To Know Knee MRI Cost In 2023, Symptoms Of Knee Pain

The symptoms of knee pain include:

  • Weakness in the knee
  • Swelling and stiffness
  • Crushing noises in the knee
  • Knee or leg deformation
  • If you have difficulty putting weight on your knee or your knee is disturbed.
  • The appearance of red spots on the knee with a warm feeling.
  • Loses the ability to straighten the knee.

Causes for knee pain

Knee pain is a common disease that happens to all age groups. Some medical conditions may lead to knee pain, such as arthritis, gout, and infections. Injuries and mechanical problems are the most common cause of knee pain.

Easy To Know Knee MRI Cost In 2023, Symptoms Of Knee Pain

Injuries:  Knee pain may occur due to an injury like a ruptured ligament. A knee injury may lead to problems in your ligaments, tendons, or fluid-filled sacs. The fluid-filled sacs present around your knee joint and in your bones, cartilage, and ligaments. The other type of common injuries may include:

  • Fractures
  • Knee bursitis
  • ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury
  • Torn meniscus

Mechanical Problems: Some examples of mechanical problems include:

  • The gap in the kneecap
  • Loose body
  • Pain in the hip or foot
  • Iliotibial band syndrome

What do the Knee MRI test results indicate?

A negative result indicates that you do not have any knee problems. Abnormal test results may occur because of ligaments sprain or tear in the knee. Abnormal knee test results may also happen, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Knee Arthritis
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Deposition of joint fluid under the knee
  • Bone infection
  • Knee cap injury
  • Bone cancer or tumor

Discuss your MRI Knee scan result online with a healthcare provider.

Knee MRI Cost in 2023

MRI scan cost can usually vary, depending on the type of MRI a provider suggest. It is also essential to consider that why MRI cost varies due to the equipment utilized by clinics and health firms is expensive.

  • The cost of knee MRI with insurance lies between $250-550$ if performed in a clinic and the same knee MRI, if conducted in a hospital, will cost around $1,000-$2,000.
  • In general, cash patients have to pay an average of $350 to $450 if conducted in a clinic, whereas the cost of a knee MRI if performed in a hospital, would be $500 to $2,000.
  • For highly deductible insurance, you may select more low-price options, such as standalone clinics. For High deductible patients, an MRI knee costs ranges in between $1,000-$2,000 if conducted in a clinic. The same MRI will cost more than $3,000- $6,000 if conducted in a hospital.
  • The cost of knee MRI with contrast is generally higher than without contrast material.

Easy To Know Knee MRI Cost In 2023, Symptoms Of Knee Pain

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The MRI Cost depends on many factors, such as:

  • Location – The country or area where you live in. Big cities cost more compared to smaller cities or towns.
  • Facility – The cost may vary depending on the facility you receive. If you are conducting an MRI at a larger hospital, you will have more facilities, which will cost you more.
  • Insurance status – Insurance is the best way to reduce your cost. The MRI comes under diagnostic tests in the company’s healthcare insurance. Ask your company authority about what type of insurance they provide to you.


The Knee MRI cost will reduce if you receive proper insurance facilities wherever you work. You may consider imaging centers compared to large hospitals. If you are experiencing the above symptoms of knee pain, you can sign up here to discuss more about your Knee MRI result with a healthcare provider.

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