November 29, 2023
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Breast MRI Cost 2023, Are You Diagnosed With Breast Cancer?


This article will cover the Breast MRI cost and its importance, procedure, and need. Breast MRI is an imaging test that helps develop clear pictures of breast tissue. An MRI is often used to detect breast cancer. Breast MRI is also helpful in diagnosing cancer and other problems in your breast. You should take the test if you have a high risk of breast cancer or a family history of breast cancer. Read the article to get complete information about breast MRIs.

Breast MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a machine that uses a magnetic field generated by a magnet similar to a tube shape. An MRI also utilizes radio waves to capture detailed images of your body organs.A breast MRI helps to take different breast images. An MRI scan is used to find breast cancer and other problems in the breast. The detailed pictures of breast MRI images are merged through a computer.

Need for Breast MRI

A doctor will recommend a breast MRI if you experience breast cancer. An MRI scan helps to screen for breast cancer in females if they have a high risk of developing the disease. A breast MRI is often conducted after you have taken a biopsy that shows an indication of cancer. Breast MRI can also be used with mammography, a screening tool to see breast cancer.



Following are some possible scenarios in which you may conduct a breast MRI if you have

  • Breast cancer. The test will show the spreading limit of cancer.
  • An identified breast implant leak.
  • High risks of breast cancer. These are as a 20% or greater lifetime risk measured with risk tools that include other factors such as family history and medical history.
  • A family history of breast cancer
  • A history of precancerous breast changes such as hyperplasia or lobular carcinoma
  • An ancestry breast cancer due to gene change, including BRCA1 and BRCA2
  • Dense breast tissue. The mammograms fail to find earlier breast cancer.
  • Chest treatment from radiation method before age 30.

How do I get ready for Breast MRI?

If you experience breast problems, you should plan your MRI before your menstrual cycle. Inform your provider about these steps so that you can prepare for a breast MRI:


  • If you have any allergy – A contrast (dye) material is used in many MRIs to get detailed images of your breast. You will take dye through the vein in your arm. If you carry allergies, you should tell your provider to eliminate any damage from the dye material.
  • If you are pregnant – A provider often does not recommend breast MRI for pregnant women. It is because of the known risk of the contrast that may transfer to the baby.
  • If you are experiencing kidney problems – A dye can cause kidney problems when used in the breast MRI. You can provide a medical history of kidney problems to your provider.
  • If you have implanted medical devices – You can inform your provider about any implanted device, including a defibrillator, artificial joint, drug port, or pacemaker.
  • If you are nursing – A provider may ask you to leave nursing for two days after your MRI. You may stop breastfeeding for at least 24 hours after the MRI. It will help your body to get rid of the contrast dye.
  • Avoid using metal things during the MRI – You should wear off these metal and related things during the MRI, including hairpins, watches, hearing aid instruments, jewelry, etc.

The Procedure of Breast MRI Scan

You can visit the imaging center after scheduling your breast MRI. A radiologist will provide a gown to wear before the scan. You need to remove all jewelry or metal things. Your provider will give medication if you experience discomfort or stress in a close or tight space before a breast MRI.

Contrast material will inject into a vein in your arm through injection to see clear MRI pictures. The MRI machine consists of a big central opening. You will need to lie down on an MRI scanner table. Your provider will ask you to keep your breast in a hollow space on the table that carries coils. These coils will catch magnetic signals generated from the MRI machine. The scanner table will slide into the central opening of the MRI machine.


The magnetic field will be produced around you by an MRI machine. Radio waves will be transmitted to your body. You will be provided headphones to reduce the high sounds of the scanner.The radiologist will observe you from a separate room. A microphone will be given to you to talk with your radiologist. You will ask to stay calm and still during the procedure. The breast MRI can go from 30 minutes to at least one hour.

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Breast MRI Test Result

The negative test result for the breast MRI does not indicate any problem. But the positive test can show damage to breast tissue. The presence of any abnormalities may be seen in an MRI. Your provider may ask for a breast biopsy to see which areas on the breast MRI show as cancerous.

Risks for Breast MRI:

You may have a low risk of developing an allergy to contrast (dye) material. Your healthcare provider will treat you if you feel any allergic reaction.

Breast MRI Cost with Insurance


The cost of breast MRI may range from $250 to multiple thousands. The MRI cost with contrast is higher than without contrast material. The cost will reduce if you have insurance. Visit here to grab the opportunity for low breast MRI cost.

Which Factors May Affect the Breast MRI Cost?

Many factors can change the MRI cost, which is listed:

  • Country – If you live in a big city, you may have a high cost of breast MRI compared to small cities or towns. There will be a difference in price rate due to the expensive location.
  • Facility – Large hospitals will have a high MRI cost due to the extra facilities they provide. You can go to imaging centers that offer a low cost. But also give you enough facilities.
  • Insurance Status – You should discuss the insurance status with the company where you work. If you have high deductible insurance, you will pay for your breast MRI, which will be considered an out-of-pocket expense.


A breast MRI helps to diagnose cancer and other problems in your breast. You can consult about the result of your MRI with a professional doctor. The breast MRI cost may change depending on which country you are in, the facilities you are receiving, and the insurance status you possess.

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